Creating A Scatter Plot Matrix In SAS

Creating a scatter plot matrix using the Iris dataset. For accessibility I have included the dataset via datalines. The result looks like this:

This is the code:

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Prompting for dynamic data in SAS Enterprise Guide

Creating prompts in SAS is really easy. A sufficient intro can be found here. I followed these instruction and created a prompt, which asks for 2 mandatory integer numbers: FirstNumber and SecondNumber. These parameters can then be used in code like so:

The code just adds up both number and writes them to the log.

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Translate pubmed publications into various reference formats

There are several reference formats out there: BibTeX, EndNote and Microsoft’s Word 2007 XML to name only a few. This site:

Can be used to transform Pubmed publications/references given their unique identider (PMID) into these referecne formats.

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Search all tables for string value

A little script I am using to find tables that contain a specific string value. I have not written this – sorry do not remember where I got it from:


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Bulk insert tab separated flat file

This code can be used to insert data from a tab separated text file, which contains column names in the first row:

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Hello world!

Just some notes on my work and interests. Hope this may be of some use for others too.

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